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Cheapness is its Own Reward

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I heard this from a friend in primary school (hello Vince, if you’re reading) and even at that tender age I knew it was one of the most significant things I would ever hear.

You get what you pay for, there is no free lunch … you know the clichés. Computers, AutoCAD, monitors, printers, training, conferences all cost money.

I spend a fair whack of money every year on an AutoCAD subscription, an MSDN subscription, computer hardware (mostly really fast disk drives), Training, conventions like Microsoft Tech.Ed. I haven’t been but definitely plan to attend NAB & IBC in the near future. I take the time to read blogs and follow conversations on Twitter. Why do I spend all this time and money?

  • Because I hate money and just want to get rid of it? Nope
  • Because I like new toys and hanging out with Tech Geeks? Um, yes but let’s move on …
  • Because I want to invest in my business and myself? Yep
  • Because I want both myself and my business to be innovative and educated? Yep
  • Because I don’t want Me, My Work and My Life to be mediocre? Precisely

Mediocrity is my greatest fear. I fear it more than death. To a certain extent I can do more about avoiding mediocrity than I can about avoiding death (and taxes) and I choose to do just that.

You need the right tool for the job, you can’t whip butter with a toothpick (possibly unrelated) etc. etc. Cheapness is its Own Reward

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October 16, 2009 at 10:21 pm

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