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This Koolaid tastes good

Firstly dear reader welcome to my blog. Contained herein will be the rantings and ocassional observations of a born-again coder. My last big exercise in coding was a game called Meltdown that involved hunting around 9 mini-games looking for a few control rods to stop a nuclear reactor from doing its Chernobyl thing. I’ll claim foresight on that one cos I wrote it in 1983 on a Vic 20 – not just any Vic 20 … I had the Super-expander so I could spoil myself with 6-1/2 k of RAM. Them’s were the days.

Nowadays I return to the codeface for entirely different reasons but that’s another blog topic. Suffice to say that I am requirements- driven and I have a comprehensive list of requirements.

Koolaid ? This is a tongue-in-cheek reference to tendencies of cultism I have observed, ironically mostly in the ‘opposition’ to Microsoft (Open-source, Linux & Mac users). We all tend to be a little religious about our choices and I’ll probably rant on just like everybody else so don’t bother flaming me, I’m well-aware of my hypocracy.

I am writing this sitting in last presentation of day 1 of Tech.ed Australia 2008. It’s my 1st Tech.ed and I like it. Like most things Microsoft it costs not an insubstantial amount to partake and participate but like most things in life you get what you pay for. I remain convinced that the .NET platform is a homogenous and powerful platform that can straighforwardly accomplish anything I care to think of. I haven’t had any issue (yet) radily finding an aspect of the platform that can service the requirements that I can dream up.

So, if you’re interested at all in the ramblings of the journey of a re-noob into the world of .NET development, stick around. I plan to ramble on about my journey into .NET and how I managed to approach it. For those who can’t stand the suspense – MSDN & the local (human) .NET community, including user groups and events like Tech.ed make it a whole lot less scary. Thems what amde these things are right here in front of me telling me how it works and answering all my dumb questions with a straight face.

That’s alright, eh?


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September 3, 2008 at 5:29 pm

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