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Cheapness is its Own Reward

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I heard this from a friend in primary school (hello Vince, if you’re reading) and even at that tender age I knew it was one of the most significant things I would ever hear.

You get what you pay for, there is no free lunch … you know the clichés. Computers, AutoCAD, monitors, printers, training, conferences all cost money.

I spend a fair whack of money every year on an AutoCAD subscription, an MSDN subscription, computer hardware (mostly really fast disk drives), Training, conventions like Microsoft Tech.Ed. I haven’t been but definitely plan to attend NAB & IBC in the near future. I take the time to read blogs and follow conversations on Twitter. Why do I spend all this time and money?

  • Because I hate money and just want to get rid of it? Nope
  • Because I like new toys and hanging out with Tech Geeks? Um, yes but let’s move on …
  • Because I want to invest in my business and myself? Yep
  • Because I want both myself and my business to be innovative and educated? Yep
  • Because I don’t want Me, My Work and My Life to be mediocre? Precisely

Mediocrity is my greatest fear. I fear it more than death. To a certain extent I can do more about avoiding mediocrity than I can about avoiding death (and taxes) and I choose to do just that.

You need the right tool for the job, you can’t whip butter with a toothpick (possibly unrelated) etc. etc. Cheapness is its Own Reward

Discuss …

Written by CADbloke

October 16, 2009 at 10:21 pm

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  1. Being medicore is a great fear of many of us. But there is one thing that it may give you some hope; if you at least trying not to be medicore but better all the time.

    No one from us has ever just born to be the best. Its all hard way, and work-work-work…but that is the way and that is it!



    December 26, 2009 at 11:08 am

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