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SEO is for emails too

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There’s a lot of hoo-ha going around about SEO and how to make Google your friend. This ain’t about that.

This is about making your email searchable. One thing that works really well in Outlook, particularly with version 2007 after SP2 is search. Search isn’t going to work if the keywords aren’t there to be found. So, if you’re writing an email and there are a few variations on some terms and keywords that come to mind, mix it up a little and put them in.

If you can’t make them fit in your narrative then go to the trouble of adding a “ps” after your email signature (fer instance) and list them. You could even say something like “I’ve included these keywords so you can find this email in a search later on: yada yada yaa…” or sumfin like that.

Forexampleinstance. The other day I was searching for an email about “WPF”. I didn’t find it under that – it was under “Windows Presentation Foundation”. Simply including both variations on that theme would have returned the email in a search first time around. I eventually found it but, hey, I’m lazy so I sincerely appreciate it every time you make life a little easier for me.



Written by CADbloke

May 27, 2009 at 5:37 pm

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