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Windows Vista – Just do it

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I must admit that I was one of the skeptics. I’d heard the horror stories about Vista being balky and there being no drivers or software and all that muck. Well, maybe it had some truth in it then but time, and SP1 seem to have healed those wounds.

I’m happy to report that a recent repaving of my desktop and laptop has been faultless. Everything just worked as it should, right down to a Cardbus digital TV tuner that … just … worked in Media Center. The total number of drivers, including those for two Quadro video cards, that I had to go hunting for was a fat-and-happy zero. Yup, no extra effort effort required.

It could be just me but it seems quicker than XP, particularly on my laptop (a HP NW 9440 2.16 dual core 4GB 7200rpm blahblahblah). Firefox 3.03 sure starts a lot faster on both machines. The SuperDuperPrefetch seems to make quite a difference. It is certainly a nicer user experience.

I had previously run Windows Server 2008 on the laptop. It ran smoothly and most things installed and ran without fuss, notably AutoCAD 2009, QuickBooks (apart from my usual disdain for it), even most of Nokia PC Sync (no Bluetooth – too hard to butcher the installer to get it to run). Zone Alarm told me it wasn’t too happy about running on a server OS but installed and ran suspiciously smoothly, given its past history.

Windows Live Writer Beta wouldn’t install (someone on the WS2008 site has hacked the installer but I’m not keen on putting that sort of thing on a development machine). That was my tipping point. It’s a great tool & I’m using it now (as you can tell by all the fancy multimedia I chucked in). In then end I decided that the Maverick thing (WS2008) would just have to wait another day.

Update! – This post managed to cripple Live Writer Beta (instant crash every time) so I hosed it and installed the release version. I guess it serves me right for installing all those fancy plugins. The bonus was that it didn’t hose this post. Well, a bonus for me, perhaps not for you.

So, there you have it – Vista has a resounding thumbs up from me, which could be about as credible as a Top Gear road test by Tarzan. Nevermind – It’s not scary and it’s not hard – Just Do It.


Written by CADbloke

October 17, 2008 at 8:53 am

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  1. Vista … um, don’t do it. Windows 7 – Definitely do it. I have been running the Release Candidate in both x64 & x86 form on a laptop & Desktop and it rocks. The End.


    June 6, 2009 at 5:12 pm

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